Tales from the wilderness

Angela Carter Society | Q&A Interview

Caleb Sivyer: Congratulations on successfully launching your debut album. How long has this been in the making and what were the initial roots of the project? 

Eliza Delf: Thank you! It’s certainly been a long process. I actually started writing…

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Eliza Delf and Jon Loomes discuss each song on Into the Wilderness

Into the Wilderness | Song Profiles with Eliza Delf and Jon Loomes 

Track 1 | Howl 

“I’ve stepped out of a cage that I made…” 

Eliza Delf: A jaunty, confident pop song with dark lyrics, embellished with dramatic flourishes, and culminating with breathless urgency.  The vocal performance is steeped in danger and drama – and this permeates the arrangement and tone. 

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A Q&A interview - January 2022

Q         You seem to attract comparisons with a wide range of strong female vocalists and songwriters – from Kate Bush to Joni Mitchell.  Are such comparisons helpful or not? 

A         I think the comparison with Kate Bush comes from the fact that I have quite a wide vocal range – and spend quite a lot of time in the upper register!  However, in truth, I think our voices and singing style are quite different.  Kate Bush is of course an international icon – with a remarkable breadth of music already written, with more being created all the time.  I love her – and some of her songs are very important to me on a personal and musical level. 

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Christmas Update

It's been a couple of months since I last posted, so I thought I'd do a Christmas blog to let you know how it's all going.

We had hoped to have completed the final mix of the album by Christmas, and whilst we're very close we'd rather focus on getting it right than getting it done. 

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Interview in Concrete Magazine

Hi everyone,

After a quiet month, Jon and I are now back to working steadily on the album, hoping to have it in CD-form by the end of the year! 

A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with Tom Manning for Concrete magazine, talking about the album and my introduction to the music world. You can pick up a copy at the UEA campus, or check it out online here.

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The album cover is completed!

Hi everyone, 

I've been a bit quiet lately, but there are a couple of exciting developments I want to share.

Firstly, Will Teather has finished working on the painting that will be used as my album cover, and I was able to visit it in-person! It was amazing to see, and slightly surreal to see myself in paint-form. I think it perfectly reflects the feel of the album - you can let me know if you agree when the album comes out! Once we've picked it up, our next job will be to have the actual painting framed, and at some point we will need to arrange having the album cover designed using a digital version of the painting (adding the title, my name etc). 

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Recording in Ripponden

On the 11th of July I travelled up to Delph with my family, so that I could begin recording! On the Monday, my Dad and I spent our first day at Talking Cat Recordings in Ripponden, working with Jon Loomes. Jon's studio is in his basement, a lovely room which is next to his workshop, where he makes musical instruments.

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