Eliza Delf & The Wilderness Collective

Photo credit: Paul Lievens

Over a year in the making, Eliza Delf's debut album Into the Wilderness has won widespread acclaim and admiration from radio presenters, reviewers, and music fans.  The album joyfully trespasses across the carefully constructed genre boundaries of indie, folk, and progressive art rock, whilst Eliza's extraordinary vocals and vividly imagined lyrics have left a trail of comparisons with Kate Bush, Florence Welch, and Annie Haslam in her wake. 

Beautiful, dark, haunting, and memorable - drawing inspiration from the darkly subversive folk tales of Angela Carter, with a dash of Me Too generation defiance to add fire to the poetry.  Eliza's songs take you fearlessly into the heart of the wilderness.

You can now see this remarkable singer songwriter performing live with her talented 5-piece band The Wilderness Collective.  Flair, virtuosity, subtlety, and creativity are the hallmarks of their live performance – all underpinning the superstar vocals of Eliza.  At times hushed and fragile, at times soaring and spine-tingling, at all times captivating – Eliza commands the stage and enchants the audience. 

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You are invited to follow Eliza into the wilderness...