"I'm not lost, I'm in the wilderness!"

Eliza Delf's debut album Into the Wilderness has gained widespread acclaim, and marks Eliza out as a dramatic new presence on the musical landscape. The ten-song CD, featuring stunning artwork by renowned artist Will Teather, is available directly from this website.

"The album Into the Wilderness is such a beautiful piece of work.  Every single bit of it is so carefully pieced together, and the production is incredible." - Kitty Perrin, BBC Introducing

"There's a touch of Kate Bush, maybe even a little Bjork, in there...but when it comes to the voice, Eliza has an earthy, real quality that will go toe-to-toe with such a comparison without flinching." - Philip Thomas, Fatea Magazine

"The beautiful and stunning voice of Eliza Delf...such a talented artist...the album Into the Wilderness is absolutely superb!" - Russ Evans, Ridge Radio

"Inspired by the imagery and sonorous writing of Angela Carter (amongst other sources), Eliza Delf weaves thick, dark, bloody universes in each song, peopled with a range of strong female protagonists who fight for autonomy against darknesses both without and within.  A fantastic debut." - Polly Paulusma, Angela Carter Society Newsletter

The album was produced and arranged by Jon Loomes and his studio partner Fruzsina Rakoczy, with Edwin Beasant providing drums and percussion.

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You are invited to follow Eliza into the wilderness...