"Don’t be surprised if Eliza's next award is the Mercury Music Prize!" 

Review site: Outline Magazine  

Review author: Stuart Evans  

Date: July 2022  

I settled down to listen to Eliza’s debut album on what is one of the hottest days ever recorded. There’s a haze across my balcony, the plants are looking concerned (don’t worry, they have been watered) and as I press play I genuinely don’t know what I’ll be hearing from the speakers.  

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"The extraordinary voice and songs of singer songwriter Eliza Delf"

Review site: Fatea Magazine 

Review author: Philip Thomas 

Date: June 2022 

When you bring two talented artists from different disciplines together in a confined space then you are bound to get sparks! That is what has happened here when the extraordinary voice and songs of Norfolk singer/songwriter Eliza Delf collides with a musical polymath like Jon Loomes in the confines of a recording studio. We'll get to Eliza's voice in a minute, but first the songs. 

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"This album is a simply stunning debut..." 

Review site: York Calling 

Review author: Graeme Smith 

Date: June 2022 

Eliza Delf is a Norwich-based alternative folk artist who has just hit my radar through her imaginative new album Into The Wilderness. Here’s my track by track review.  

From the first few notes of opening track Howl, Into The Wilderness is an album that grips you. With a sound that combines classic folk song-writing with modern pop sensibilities, it has a sort of universal appeal. What is most arresting though are its lyrics. Pregnant with imagery, Eliza’s lyrics dodge clichés with ease.  

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